Need To Sell Your Home Fast? -We Have Multiple Options to help sell your home for more Money and Fast.

No matter the reason to sell your home we can help.  New job, financial hardships, inherited home, or just tired of being a landlord or perhaps even become a landlord yourself.  We can help!

Get a free no-obligation offer from interested buyers and interested investors.  Want to chat with a local expert real estate agent?  No problem, our list of highly respected agents are ready to hear from you.

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All-Cash Offer

sell my house fast - The Cotton Group  Sell your home as-is for an All-Cash offer.

This is a great option for homes in need of repairs and the owner has no desire to fix it before selling.  This option goes fast and many times result in cash in hand in less than 10 days. Learn More

Seller Finance

involvement with sell my house fast for cash advancements Seller Finance Normal

Not in a hurry to sell your home and interested in making some money while carrying a loan. Minimum 60-month contract. Learn more


Lease Option

sell my house fast expertise  Perfect Tenant Program 

 Using a Regular leas Option we become your Tenant and Buyer.  This is a great option for a home in need of basic repairs and upgrades. Learn More


Flat Rate Listing

 buy my house for cash support  Flat Rate Listing - Why Pay So Much?

We have relationships with Agents ready to work with you on a low Flat Listing rate, some as low as 1%.  This depends on the area and agent availability. Learn More


72 Hour Sale 

The Cotton Group gratification  72 Hour Sale  - Get mutiple offers in less than 72 hours to buy your home.

Traditional home sale process relies on time and hope. 72-Hour Program is based on identifying virtually every buyer for your home immediately. Learn More


We work with people every week who need to sell their house fast.